About me

I find it very hard to define myself in words, witch I obviously understand is not a great start out for an about me page. Mostly I say this because I don’t want to limit myself to some kind of category or group. How ever  I will try to explain myself through the things I love beneath here. I think it says more about me than my age, name and what I do.

I appreciate just as much my nerdy gamer friends, that want to discuss lord of the rings with me. As I love to put on my high heels and do makeup with my best girlfriends for a night out dancing. Or the conversations at a little bar over a bottle (or many) of a good red. You know those conversations that makes you think for days or even years after, they are my favorite conversations. At the same time as I miss the long days at the dirt bike track more than any thing. Those day that we did not stop driving before we had used up all our extra fuel tanks and the entire pay check from hours serving at the cafe and scrubbing plates went to replace the broken part, and we had to push our bikes back to the cars. As we used up our last tank a little to far away from the finish line. But it was so worth it because the sunset is even prettier with just the right amount of adrenaline in your body. Then nothing impresses me more than good art and detailed craftsmanship, no matter if it is found in a piece of clothing, a sculpture, a painting, in architecture or a knitted scarf.

So no matter how big of a cliché it is to say “To define is to limit”. I really do not want to limit myself, not even in a about me page. I think the cliché’s become cliché’s for a reason, and really any chance to quote Oscar Wilde is worth taking. As he is one of my all time favourite authors.

Hope you will like my blog, and want to click by later as well!

Un grande bacio Maria Volpe.