About me

Hello there and thank you for stopping by my blog!

I have probably written this page a hundred times trying to give a right impression of who I am and what you can expect on this blog. But I don’t feel that telling you that I’m a 20 years old Rome based student really says anything about who I am, just where I am and what I’m doing at this moment.

So I belive telling you that I am very curious, and that if I love something I love it. Not thinking to much about what is expected of me. What ever I do, I need to do it with passion or not at all. Some of my biggest passions in life are; art, architecture, fashion, sewing, creating in general. At the same time I’m a hopeless rock/ metal girl, dreaming of getting back to motocross. Oh and I’m quit a nerd to, my only two tattoos are written in elvish, I think that says it all…

An other important part of my life is health. I was always a bit overweight more or less my entire life, until I completely changed my lifestyle when I was 15 years old, loosing a good 20kg. The past two years how ever have been a lot more about breaking routines, teaching myself not everything have to be perfect, parties on an any given Monday and trying out all the places I could. Being a little done with that, my focus is now turning more back to health, improving myself and trying out new things in life again!

Hope you like my blog, and want to click by later as well!

De Russie