De Russie

Longing for a creative space again I decided to create a blog! So a little introduction to start with would probably be just right.
I’m a Rome based student and a happiness hunter. My name is Maria Volpe, just like the blog title. In other words, starting the blog with a overload of creativity form the very start. I love my nights out, travel, motors and everything pretty. I’m a black belt in drinking champagne on soda salary, but I do really appreciate the simpler things in life as well. Balance and variation is everything.

I am the type that can spend an eternity picking the flavour on my ice-cream, but decided to move to a different country without giving it as much a moment of thought. You know paying a lot of attention to the harder decisions in life. Guess I just love the variation in life, you know to define is to limit. At least that is my excuse for not being completely sure about where I am heading with this blog. Except from than that I am super excited about getting started, and hope to share with you my favourite moments!

Hope you will like it! Kisses


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